Graphene Technology

Graphene Technology

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Where cool design meets state of the art technology, the Apeks ThermiQ Carbon Core sets new standards in base layer thermal protection.

More than just a rashguard, the ThermiQ Carbon has graphene woven into the lining of the garment. At just one atom thick, graphene is science’s wonder material. It’s the strongest compound discovered, with a tensile strength greater than that of steel, yet is the lightest material known. More importantly for a diving base layer, graphene can store and distribute thermal energy. The material acts as a filter between your skin and the environment, releasing heat in warmer weather and preserving and evenly distributing body heat in colder climates.

So when we were offered the opportunity to work with this next-generation material, we jumped at the chance.

Available in a long sleeve and short sleeve version, the ThermiQ Carbon Core can be used on its own for UV or thermal protection, or as a base layer below both a dry suit and a wetsuit. And it’s not just for diving, whenever you’re hiking or camping, the ThermiQ Carbon will keep you comfortable.

And graphene’s amazing properties don’t end there! This super-material is breathable and dissipates your body’s excess moisture, it’s super-stretchy and buttery soft against your skin. It even repels bacterial growth, no more stinky rashy!

The future of scuba diving base layers is here.

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